Where do the locals eat lunch?

Not only in Mallorca, but in all of Spain, lunch is possibly the most important meal of the day and is enjoyed at an hour a bit later than northern Europeans.  People take time to enjoy their break and one can find many options to do so in Palma.

Here are some of our favorites:

Restaurant Forn de Sant Joan is a former bakery from the 19th century.  It has an excellent reputation for its Mediterranean cuisine and delicious tapas.  The space is quite cozy with a new clean design. 

Ombú has a delicious menu of tapas and cocktails in a new modern concept that reinterprets typical dishes with a fun touch.

El Camino is a new sophisticated restaurant offering a gastronomic experience based on tapas, that are interpreted in an elegant way using the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

Continuing on the tapas route, Ram Bar and Tast Club are very popular with the locals and are located on the Ramblas.  You’ll find an elegant bar where you can share dishes with authentic flavors and grilled meats on the menu. Tast Club offers a small selection of dishes but with enough variety to satisfy most tastes, even for those who are vegetarians. 

La Rosa Vermutería is a charming choice for tapas and authentic dishes of Palma, also a local favorite.  Here you will find local dishes like eggs with hedgehog mushrooms, octopus with garlic confit, mussels, razor clams and Iberian croquettes, among others.  In addition, you’ll find a unique selection of vermut, along with a good choice of wine and beer.

For something with a bit more of an urban accent, Bernabé Caravotta is the chef at Vandal where you will find intense flavors, aromas and textures highlighted with flavors from around the world.

At Clandesti Taller Gastronomic, Pau Navarro and Adrian Salvador have created an innovative restaurant where they offer a completely surprise tasting menu.  Seasonal ingredients of local origin are the basis for their contemporary creations and interpretations of typical Majorcan dishes.

Fera Restaurant & Bar by Chef Simon Petutschnig is a pleasure for the senses in a setting filled with an art collection.  His “Borderless Mediterranean” cuisine injects Asian influences in many dishes – and one can find vegetarian options as well.

Sumaq was created at the hands of Irene Gutiérrez, a restaurant that works Nikkei cuisine, a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese gastronomy.  Here you will find an explosion of flavors, colors and aromas.  Exotic dishes and cocktails will take your palate on a journey. 

One of our favorites is Emilio Innobar. Take your taste buds to a next level with an influence of Mexican, Asian and Mediterranean elements, which the chef calls “Fusion Fina”.  Each dish is surprising and satisfying. 

Please let us know about your experiences and your favorites! 

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