Our Neighbourhood

In Palma there are many charming neighborhoods which hide beautiful streets and extraordinary places. Currently, the neighborhood of La Calatrava is one of the favorites. Old Town is more claimed than ever, over time in you can feel a good atmosphere and a nice reform throughout the neighborhood.

The neighborhood has gone through an amazing transformation and had been converted into one of the best neeighborhoods in Palma. Today it offers, offering an excellent choice of bars, restaurants, boutiques and small luxury hotels. La Calatrava attracts all kinds of audiences: from young cosmopolitans or tourists who are curious to know the island’s history  to adults who are looking for different and alternative areas.

Everything has been transformed, these changes could remind us of what has already happened in other cities such as Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood. While the antiquity in some of the old buildings of the neighborhood behind the Cathedral is still preserved, the ‘Parc de la Mar’ residential area is one of the most exclusive and quiet places with its views of the sea and sandy beach. A true jewel!

Those who decide for the old town of Palma, simply enjoy a perfect blend of art and environment with excellent dining and leisure places. Therefore, we are proud to be located in this great spot:  La Calatrava, the mestizo neighborhood where the history and culture of the city was born, fruit of the melting pot between Jews, Muslims and Christians which gave rise to Mallorcan roots and traditions.

In addition, a few meters from our neighborhood we could find Sa Gerreria, one of the most picturesque and authentic areas of Palma where the modern meets the sordid and where you run into all sorts of peculiarities. If we continue touring the city, we find “El Born” and the streets that surround it with its wide variety of shops, from the most luxurious and exclusive to the most original and picturesque along with the best art galleries.

El Llorenç Parc de la Mar Hotel is located in the heart of Palma and we believe it is a perfect location to complement your trip. Countless palaces, interior patios and centuries of history, a walk through this neighborhood will show you one of the most beautiful faces of Palma. Do you think that the reasons to visit these neighborhood wonders are enough?

El Llorenç

Parc de la Mar